Sod Placement Service

Sod placement

D&B Landscape Solutions is a leading landscape service provider in Canada, and the company is also famous for providing top quality sod installing service. We are here to deliver satisfactory sod installation and lawn maintenance service. We have years of experience in the job that sets our class apart from other service providers in the field.

We can make your barren compound green by laying sod across the area. We can also customize a fertilization program to give a fantastic sod placement experience. Ranging from ground preparation to installing the sod, we can do everything through our turn-key installation process.

Sod Placement Service

Prefer sod installment and add value to your property

Investing money on sod installation can provide you with a long term benefit, as the investment can add value to your property. Sod installation can create an area for you to spend some quality time or for any other recreational or relaxation purpose.

We use our years of knowledge and proficiency in the field to deliver satisfactory outcomes. We start the process of installation after taking a close look at the area and checking the quality of the soil. We follow detailed preparation work before reaching the final phase.

Sod placement is the fastest way to make a lawn beautiful, and we can make it even amazing for you. Our customized fertilization program has been designed to cater to customers seeking solutions to improve the quality of the soil.

Sod Placement Service Company

We have the answer for your every need

We have been providing sod placement service to the people of Toronto and other top Canadian cities for more than 20 years, and we have the experience and expertise to solve various problems related to the job.

We invite you to come to us with issues you are facing in the process of sod placement in your property. We can deliver solutions for your every need regarding sod installation and maintenance.