Top 20 Frequently Asked Questions

Cost of landscaping is consist of materials and labor ,materials cost include the any base materials need for removal of soil and additional  materials labor cost such as , fuel, cost of transportation, and crew hours

There is the link to suppliers on our page you can view  all type of materials  colors etc

Depending on the scale of your project, smaller projects normally take about a week, bigger projects might take longer

There is link to plants suppliers , planting normally starts beginning on june , and continue though the season

Normally the cooler the better , grass like  the cold weather in likely will survive in cooler weather , still taking care of sod after installation, it’s important , water at least everyday after installation,then three times during the weather , having the sprinkler system is the most important point it cost less water bill and save you a time

We do most of the landscaping projects , from design to installation  interlocking, sodding fence, railing , decking , outdoor kitchen fire pit, and more

It’s best to prepare a few months in advance to compare the prices , prepare the design and materials, , due to covid 19 , there is delay on delivery, so it’s better

It’s best to prepare a few months in advance to compare the prices , prepare the design and materials, , due to covid 19 , there is delay on delivery, so it’s better

If there is no access to the backyard, it’s best to use other materials , such as composite or wood for designing your backyard landscaping  , since moving the materials is not easy in and out.

There are a variety of less expensive materials , but you might compromise the quality,   for example stone prices are somewhere between $2.50 to $15.00

Labor costs depend on the number of crew , machinery used and  expertise. For example, if your project is done with two people and no machinery, it might be cheaper. but it takes much longer   than a company with  expert crews and machinery, also by looking at the number of people and machinery you can tell the difference between the experienced and non experienced contractors

Projects need the permits are , swimming pools , retaining walls higher then 4/5 ft

By-law requires that you obtain a permit before removing or injuring any tree with a diameter at breast height of 20 cm or more (see the image below, which shows that a tree’s diameter at breast height is measured at 1.4 meter above the ground).

It’s the best to  notify the neighbors  in both side in case to avoid any  further conflicts , let them know  there will noise, dust  and interruption of traffic in the  neighborhood,

Contact the one call ontario before starting the project to locate the utility lines in the area of excavation, if you unable to do so we can do this on your behalf

Gas lines are normally 4 ft buried underground and it will be not affected for excavation under 1 ft  however discuss the gas line with contractor before the start the projects .

Lighting – landscape lights are important to reflect your landscape design at all seasons, also having additional outlet in case you need to plug your phone or extension for power   we do install the the low voltage landscape lights

Normally a 10%  deposit to secure the project , however you need to prepare for 50% down payments for materials purchase and deliveries

Weeds are very resistant and hard to get rid of , however there are many solutions to eliminate them , having the polymeric sand  between the joint  ,of your pavers , every two or three years. also for weed growing in your lawn , it’s the best to fertilize your lawn every 60 days , through the season and keep your lawn temperature low by keeping the lawn moist, weed are tend to grow in very dry environments

Having the  nice  landscaping in your house will definitely increase the value of your house adding additional outdoor space,  will  bright up the imagination of any buyers, also  many people tend to avoid the trouble deal with construction and hassles, and rather to buy the property which has the landscaping already done , place  that has space for kids to play , space to have your guest invited in summer evening and you can spend your weekend with family without hassle going around the city to find the nice space to spend your time