Composite Decking

 Composite Decking

Have you been having a hard time deciding which material to use for your decking? Do you go for wood decking or composite decking? Many of our clients are turning to the use of composite decking and you should do the same.

At DB Landscape, our business model is geared towards achieving one outcome only; and that is to satisfy the needs of our customers.  Our composite decking installation services go beyond just the installation phase. We also help our clients source the right materials for their decks. We believe that a satisfied customer is a happy customer so we ledge no stone unturned in helping them make the right choice. If you are looking for the best composite decking materials, give us a call or send us a message. Or better still browse our product catalog and we are sure you will find products that will suit your project.

We had the best composite decks for your decking projects

Several factors determine the quality of your deck.

  • Material quality
  • Design features
  • Quality installation

We know these to be true that is why we offer our clients a holistic service from the product sourcing stage to the installation stage. We take the burden off you and make them ours.

At DB Landscape, we don’t just buy from any supplier but the best. That is why we prefer to use composite decks supplied by Trex.

Trex is a trusted supplier of high quality composite decks and over the years, their decks have proven to be durable and long lasting. This is one of the reasons why we use their decks for the projects we handle for our clients. And we also recommend their products to clients looking for decks that meet industry standards.

Why Trex?

We use Trex composite decks for our decking projects because they are user friendly. If you use this composite deck you will have little or nothing to worry about. Trex decks are easy to clean with soap and water. If you wash the deck with a power washer it will look as good as new. Trex decks are some of the best in the industry and are also cost effective. You get maximum value for every dollar spent on a Trex deck that is why we recommend it to clients and why we use it for our decking projects as well.

Eco Friendly Decks

What’s more, through years of experience and application we’ve come to realize that Trex decks last longer than competitors and they neither lose color nor form even though they are exposed to tough weather. Their decks are made with 95% recycled materials making them far better environmentally friendly options than wood decks. If you want substance and style, Trex is a trusted brand you should go for.

An ultimate decking option that is far better than wood

We recommend composite decking over food decking because they have long lasting value. Gone are the days when the only decking option homeowners had was wood. With technological innovation, composite decking has found its way into landscaping projects and it is here to stay.

Although wood still remains in use today, it is no longer a debate as to which of the two is environmentally friendly. If you install Composite decking instead of wood, here are some of the benefits you stand to enjoy.

Eco Friendly

Do you want to have peace of mind while relaxing on your deck knowing fully well that you didn’t rob the planet of some trees to enjoy the comfort? Installing a composite deck instead of a wood option is the way to go. This deck does not impact your immediate or the wider environment negatively in any way. It is environmentally friendly in every way.

Enjoy all the benefits

Highly Durable

The composite deck we will install for you will be highly durable. It will also be very strong with a high capacity to accommodate the weight of several people at once. The structural integrity of our composite decks remains unquestioned because they are weather resistant and exceptionally strong. If you want a deck that will stand strong for years to come, ours is a service you can trust.

Easy Maintenance

Wood decks are great but they require a lot of maintenance to remain in shape. Regular seasoning is required to ward off insect infestations, moreover, removing dried stains from them is a thankless task. However, if you go for a composite deck, all you need is to power wash it every now and then and your deck will remain in shape all through.

Colorful Patterns

While wood offers you only a single color (unless you wish to paint), with composite materials, you enjoy the luxury of different colors. The Trex materials we use come in a variety of colors and finishes so you are free to make your choices. Creating brilliant and attractive design themes is possible with composite materials.

Avoid the risk of injuries

While wood tends to develop splinters with sharp tips that can injure your skin, you will not have such problems with a composite deck. Your kids and pets can play around without the risk of injuries.


Make Your Homes Look Good With Us

DB Landscape: A Trusted experts

At DB Landscape, you get the best of both worlds. We help you make the right material decisions and we take the responsibility of installing the composite deck for you. With us, there are no gimmicks, excuses or mistakes. You get an excellent service that puts a smile on your face and peace in your mind.

If you are planning to install a composite deck on your premises in San Diego or its environs, why not give us a call. Adding an impressive deck to your existing property is a smart idea. You extend your living space a little further and you get to enjoy the elevated view on top of the deck with your family and friends.  Ours is a service that adds value that is why homeowners trust us and you should do the same. Give us a call today and let us be of help.