Aluminum Pergola

Aluminum Pergola

Are you looking for a safe but effective material for your windows? We recommend aluminum pergola for its immense benefits. Over the years, this has been our material of choice and all the clients we have worked for can testify to the safety and effectiveness of this louver.
There are many windows and shade covers in use today and only very few of them come even close to the value offered by an aluminum pergola. With the effects of global warming posing more risks to the environment these days, you and your family deserve to be kept safe indoors without completely blocking off light from entering your rooms.

Maximum protection round the clock

An aluminum pergola is one of our top window options because it protects occupants of a house from harsh UV rays that affect vision and pose risk to the skin. This louvered pergola is made with tough aluminum that is resistant to the ultraviolet rays of the sun.
If you want to secure your home, office, or building with a louver that works, contact us now.

We use the best pergolas

There are different types of pergolas made with different materials but we don’t settle for less, only use the best. We recommend aluminum pergolas over other materials because they offer the best value and they are also weather resistant.

We source from trusted suppliers

Furthermore, we only use quality products from trusted suppliers. Most of the clients in San Diego and environs who have had the misfortune of using the wrong materials for their windows, patios and walkways come to us and our trusted solutions leave them with a smile. All the aluminum pergolas we use are tested for quality and structural integrity that only the best suppliers and manufacturers can provide.
You may be unable to differentiate between a good aluminum pergola or a bad one but we can. You may not know where to find quality pergolas that will last but we do; so don’t worry your head searching for pergolas when you can trust us to point you in the direction.


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But why should you use aluminum pergolas when you can go for cheaper materials of a lower grade? You see, homeowners who go for cheaper options live to regret it because those pergolas offer little or no weather protection. On top of that, they begin to fall apart after a few months. And we are sure that the last thing you want is a pergola that will rust, chirp, or fall apart after a while. Nothing can be as terrible looking as a rusted pergola in your premises.

Enjoy all the benefits that aluminum pergolas have to offer

As a homeowner, you deserve the best pergolas in the market and only very few come close to the aluminum pergolas we install for our clients. You stand to enjoy the following.

Sun protection

While sunglasses protect you from UV rays when you are outdoors you may not know that you are exposed to the same when you are in your compound or inside your home. But if you install pergolas made of aluminum, you stay protected from the harmful effects of the sun because aluminum is an effective counter against ultraviolet rays. Install these pergolas to keep the rays out when the sun is at its highest resolution.


You don’t have to suffer from poor air simply because you want to keep the sun out. You can still enjoy the shade of our pergolas whole allowing insufficient air. The pergolas we will install for you will let in as much air as necessary with the slight turn of the louver. With sufficient cross ventilation, heat will not build up in your interior space so comfort is guaranteed.


One of the key attributes of a safe home is sufficient entry of sunlight. Did you know that you can control the amount of sunlight that enters your home? The pergola louvers are very easy to open so your home will stay bright during low light hours of the day.

Control exterior temperature

Aluminum pergolas are not only useful for indoor spaces but outdoor spaces as well. You will have ultimate control of the temperature of your exterior areas, especially during the cold season.

Aluminum Pergola size options

We can help you source different options for your property.

Custom options

There are custom options for your unique needs. These pergolas are sized to meet the requirements of your projects. Rather than order the wrong size and spend more money adjusting them to suit your needs, we can order the right sizes ready-made for you.

Pergola Kit Option

Then we have the pergola kit option. These are cost effective options that are cheaper than the custom option and will cost you a low fee to install. You can order the 10×12 inch or 15×12 inch sizes for your home.

Color options

There are also different color options you can pick from the gallery of our suppliers. Some of them include

  • Basic colors
  • Two section colors
  • Navy Blue
  • Zip screens
  • One section color
  • Freestanding pergolas
  • 3D Models

Let us know which of the options you prefer by giving us a call today…..

Let DB Landscape help you to maximize your Living Space

If you have an abundance of space in your compound and you are not making use of it, you are surely missing a lot. Did you know that you can extend your living space outdoors? Using aluminum pergolas to shade your decks, patios, gardens, or outdoor sitting area is not a bad idea.

At DB Landscape our service helps clients maximize their property to its fullest potential. Hire our expert services to help you envision and re-imagine your home from a professional standpoint.

The structure we will design for you will boast a modern loom that will not only complement but improve your property significantly.  With our professional help, you can redesign your home to adapt to the changing climate. Increase the comfort of your interior and exterior spaces with a service you can trust.

All the aluminum pergolas we use for our clients are inspired by modern global trends and you can install them from scratch or add them to an existing structure. Creating unique landscape aesthetic features is what we do and we will like to be of service to you.

. We can handle the installation of pergolas in

  • Separate outdoor spaces
  • Freestanding areas
  • Offices
  • Homes
  • Patios

We can also include extra custom features like

  • Insect screens
  • Outdoor audiovisuals
  • Privacy shades
  • Lighting & heating fixtures

And lots more.

So contact DB Landscape today and let’s discuss your design ideas for that property of yours that is in desperate need of a makeover. Our experienced team will be available to answer whatever questions you may have and offer you specialist help at any time.